Friday, December 31, 2010

Honey Almond Latte

Nearly every morning I don't have to work or rush out the door for something else, I make myself a latte. I love gourmet coffee drinks, but can't justify spending four or five dollars a pop on a regular basis (not to say that I don't indulge at local coffee shops from time to time). I don't have any illusions that my $30 Mr. Coffee espresso maker makes as good espresso as a professional machine that cost thousands of dollars, but it does the job for my weekend lattes.

There are a lot of different varieties of honey available, ranging from light, floral honeys like the common clover honey to the dark, intensely flavored buckwheat honey, so choose an amount of honey based on the character of the honey you have and how sweet you like your latte. I don't like things terribly sweet, so you my want to add even more honey than I list in this recipe. To amplify the almond flavor, use almond milk in place of dairy or soy milk. This is a subtly flavored latte, with just a bit of extra sweetness and flavor from a plain latte, so if you're looking for a super-sweet dessert like drink, this isn't for you, but perfect if you just want a little something extra in your morning pick-me-up.
Honey Almond Latte
serves 1

2-4 t. honey
1/4 t. pure almond extract
2 shots hot espresso
8 oz. warm, frothed milk (dairy, soy, or almond)

1. Add honey and almond extract to a mug and stir to combine. Pour in the hot espresso, stirring rapidly to dissolve the honey. Add the milk and stir, then top with a bit of milk froth. Serve hot and enjoy a few minutes to yourself.

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