Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion, and Bacon Burgers

The road to this recipe started with a craving for roasted potatoes with malt vinegar, of all things. Once I'd decided that hearty potatoes were on the menu for dinner, I took a glance in the fridge and freezer for some hearty meat to accompany it and was lucky enough to find all the ingredients for these indulgent burgers. My husband is very tolerant of all the healthy food I make, but he's really a meat and potatoes guy at heart, so I try to make meals like this on a regular basis as well to satisfy both of our carnivore cravings. And what carnivore wouldn't love this burger? A juicy burger (I never cook mine beyond medium-rare), topped with creamy and tangy goat cheese, rich and crispy bacon, and savory, tender onions is sure to put a smile on almost everyone's face, made even better paired with some roasted potatoes and an ice cold beer.

Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion, and Bacon Burgers
serves 2

4 slices thick-cut bacon
1 medium onion, sliced
8 ounces ground sirloin
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 ounces goat cheese, slightly softened
2 whole wheat hamburger buns
Melted butter

1. Preheat a pan over medium heat. Cook bacon until desired level of crispness, drain on paper towels and set aside. Add sliced onions to pan with rendered bacon fat and cook, stirring occasionally until onions are tender and caramelized, about 30 minutes. Remove the onions from the pan and set aside.

2. Form ground sirloin into two patties and add to the pan. Cook the burgers, flipping once until they reach desired level of doneness (125 to 130 degrees for medium-rare). Meanwhile, preheat the broiler. Spread the goat cheese evenly on the top halves of the buns, top with the caramelized onions and bacon, and brush the bottom halves bun with a bit of melted butter. Place buns under the broiler until goat cheese is slightly melted, onions and bacon are warm, and the bottom half is slightly toasted, 2 to 4 minutes. Add cooked burger to bottom half, put the two halves together, and dig in!

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